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Together Again

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Unless you have been on another planet, you have of course heard of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. She married at the age of 21. Most likely thinking she would embark on a wonderful marital journey with her husband, start a family, all the dreams of a young bride. Only 4 years into that marriage, and two young children of the 4 in, her beloved father passed away, and she became queen at the tender age of 25.

It is difficult to think of any 25 year old taking on such a monumental role. One can think of themselves at the age of 25, struggling to find who you are and how to make your path in the world. This gal, Elizabeth, had a whole different path to navigate.

And navigate she did, for 70 years. She met with 13 presidents, countless dignitaries, world leaders and many many common individuals.

She comported herself with dignity, grace and humility. She was probably, the single most respected and loved leader in our history to date.

If you are below the age of 70, you have not known another British monarch. She has always been there, steadfast, constant, in faith and love and service of her country. Many people at the age of 96 have had several careers or jobs, and are also retired. Her majesty went to the very end of her life, as she had promised she would decades before. She kept her word. She was the longest reigning monarch. Two days before her death, she graciously met with the new prime minister,(of which there have been 15 with her) Liz Truss. Truss being the third female PM.

The Queen in all her service to the church and her country, has seen so much. She adapted and integrated to each new decade, while the whole time being true to her faith and country. A remarkable woman to say the least.

She has now joined her beloved husband, Philip. They are whole and together once again. God bless this wonderful woman people called Her Majesty, God have mercy on her soul and may she remain in His presence eternally. God give comfort to her grieving family and heal the broken hearts of Britain. And God give guidance to her son Charles, who now assumes a new role in his life as king. We should all aspire to have even half of the qualities she exhibited. God bless the Queen and

Long live the King.

Britain has entered a new decade.

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