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America Gone Lawless

America was founded on a set of ideas, principles and laws. That we are endowed by our creator. They were designed to represent and protect the residents of this soon to be great Nation. The idea that we are all created equal. The principles of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness, Freedom. We live under our flag and our laws. Laws that keep our citizens safe, and lawmakers dedicated to enforcing them equally among all. Equal justice under the law. How could it even be considered, let alone accepted, that 2 people would commit the same crime and only one would be given immunity and the other go to jail? Imagine even further, if one of those persons was not even a citizen?

But that is what is occurring in America today. If an American citizen commits a crime against another, they are held accountable. If I blow through a stop sign and am pulled over and it is discovered that I also have a warrant out for my arrest, the cop will put the bracelets on me and I’m going to jail. It doesn’t matter if I have children at home, a spouse or a sick grandmother. And there are no law enforcement individuals, or mayors or police chiefs that will step in and take up challenge for me because separating me from my family is horrible and prevent my escort to jail. Nope, I’m going to jail, simple as that. And I can’t bring my family with me to join me in the cell.

And yet for some odd reason, many government officials are now promoting that if someone who is here illegally should be given preferential treatment, excuse the behavior or crime, even given printed instructions on how to evade the law. That is astounding! We now have mayors instructing the police to ignore federal law and going so far as to tell them to not co operate with another law enforcement agency. Since when does any cop refuse to assist another? Have we gone that far off the rails? Could you imagine someone breaking into your house and the mayor telling the police chief to NOT come to our defense? Or telling his police officers, NOT to assist another police officer? Instruct law enforcement agents to stand down during the commission of crime.

We have senators running for the highest position in the land actually escorting people across the border into our country!!! A clear violation of our immigration laws. So now we not only have illegal immigrants ignoring our laws, we have US senators doing the same.

Last week people removed the American flag at a detention center, defaced it, turned it upside down and raised a Mexican flag. On American soil, a foreign nations flag raised on American soil. This week Antifa stormed an ICE detention center in Tacoma with rifles, and incendiary devices and set fire to it. Jeopardizing lives and the safety of citizens. I have yet to hear one person running for president or Congress condemning this. Our LAWmakers are silent.

Our lawmakers and those supervising those charged with maintaining the law, are promoting lawlessness. They have shirked their responsibilities. Congress, those who actually write the laws, have instead pushed the border crises responsibility onto the border control agents. Insisting that instead of doing their job (protecting the border and enforcing our border laws) insist that they take on a new job description. That of nurse maid, chef, server, toilet maintenance, baby sitter, doctor and bed time story teller. Congress has gone as for as advocating breaking our immigration laws, rather than fixing them. Congress engages in the vilification of those charged with upholding the laws, …take this in, …that Congress wrote. So Congress is telling law enforcement, we wrote the laws, now you ignore them. The insanity of that is too much to digest.

Lawlessness has been going on in this country for years, but it only recently that our government officials have openly advertised their role in it and actively promote it. And with each and every shirk of their responsibility and promotion of lawlessness, they remove yet another piece of our liberties and freedoms. The American people seem to be a threat to our government officials. The rule of law is also a Hugh threat to them. It threatens their quest for power. Power and control over the people and institutions is key. And they apparently will go to any length, including jeopardizing our safety, removing our liberties and ignoring all laws and fostering destruction to attain it.

This is our country, it is for all Americans to enjoy and to feel safe enjoying it. Government officials are not the sole proprietors of this great nation. Our forefathers never intended that. As Abraham Lincoln said, ” that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”. Evidently the “powers that be”, forget who the power comes from.

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