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Crack the Bell for Freedom

This is the summary for all that has gone on for the last 4 months.

Keep people in doors. That way they can’t earn a living. This causes anxiety and fear. Keep people isolated, call it “social distancing” it sounds more palatable. In other words, keep people from being able to assemble and also speak freely and exchange ideas and thoughts. This creates loneliness.

Promote fear. Burn buildings, send out mobs of people with threatening signs. Vilify the police, make it so they cannot protect you and go so far as to support removing the police from society.. Take away a persons right to defend themselves. Put people in jail for attempting to earn a living. Destroy statues with ropes, chains, paint and fire. They are basically destroying the average American person in effigy. It’s not a quantum leap to go from statues, to actual people. Intimidate into submission. Forced conformity. This is all done under the aegis of the Left and the mantra “Peaceful Protest”. Isolate the children as well. If children can’t go to school, their parents can’t go to work. Continued destruction of the economy . If people forget about the virus, bring it back, start with new numbers every night flashing on the news channels. Distort these numbers or report inaccurate numbers. This will allow the elected officials to pull back on re open guidelines and force people back into their homes, starting the cycle all over again. The left keeps coming up with clever ways to continue the chaos up to November. They demand total obedience. And for some reason, the American people capitulate. Never in history have the American people surrendered to tyranny of the government. Why are they now relinquishing their freedoms and liberties? It’s hard to imagine our parents or grandparents submitting to this.

The radical left is attempting to destroy America and start a new society. Every day we see the radical left beating down the American people, and trashing America. There is no tolerance, and the new society will emerge. One in which a small number of people are prosperous and the rest are plebeians. They have actually figured out a way to have modern day slavery. There will be political elites and the rest of us will depend on the government for our very existence. Our Housing, income, education, healthcare, all that is required. No more freedom to be as much as we can be or the pursuit of happiness. No more personal responsibility and control over our own destiny. We will as in most communist counties, be collective producers for the government. Family, self, God are all secondary to existence. They are removing anything that makes us American and also that gives us joy, pleasure or comfort. They are removing sports, worship, singing, weddings, gatherings, dining out and just celebrating being human. They will remove anything that resembles the history or country that we know as America. The only thing that will be allowed is the mob storming the streets enforcing the intimidation.

If you think this is far fetched, it is actually not far away. This is an experiment for the left to see exactly how much they can get away with, and the extent of control they can exercise over the American people. And so far, it has been working rather well for them. They will demand total control. This will start with the person they put forth as their candidate for president. They even control him. Why do you think they choose Joe Biden? They know he is the one person they can control, and that is exactly what they want there. Joe will only be a figure head. America needs to wake up, and do it fast. You may wake up in November and find you live in an entirely different country. Freedom and Liberty won’t even be relics of the past as they will not be something you will learn about in school. Americans need to grab their freedoms, grab their country while they still can. As it is said, Speak now, or forever hold your peace. One would add and forever hold the regret. If you have to crack the bell, then do so.

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