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Freedom Of The Press

Ever wonder just exactly, what does that mean? Lately, it seems to mean freedom to distort or mislead and at best, plug a narrative that has selective facts that it is almost of work of fiction. It’s like being in a Chinese restaurant and choosing one from column A and one from column B.

Let’s take for instance the Mueller report. For over two years the press has been telling the American people that our president is an agent of a foreign country and worked with them to rig the election so that he could win. I ask this question. What exactly did Donald Trump do? Did he change the votes in Michigan and Wisconsin? Did he somehow erase those states off Hillary’s day planner? Because if he did, that actually is a crime. But no, he didn’t and there is no evidence to support that he did. So again, what exactly did he do? The election was already influenced and effected through Hillary Clinton and her camp. Members of her camp actually did speak to foreign agents. One from Russia and one from Brittan. So I’m wondering how Mueller could possibly do a complete report without including that information as well. Maybe he did, we just don’t know that because we haven’t seen the report yet.

This is the first time in history that a political candidate has been spied on by not only the opposition, but also the outgoing administration. If you submit a FISA warrant one would think it is included in the daily briefing, that’s how serious a FISA warrant is. This was total surveillance. And no one had a problem with that!! Why doesn’t “The Press” and CNN and MSNBC report on that? Adam Shiff hung his entire career on it. And now Eric Swalwell is doing the same thing. He and many others are still pushing this false narrative.

Now the narrative is to discredit William Barr. They have to do that. They have to have Mr. Barr discredited because they can’t allow the Mueller report to have any credibility, because they need to keep talking about it. The inculcation must continue to be relentless and the redactions are the key to that. Never mind that certain national security, grand jury or a person’s privacy be protected. All laws according to some some are malleable. They must be broken, bent, twisted contorted and falsely presented in order to achieve the goal. And the press depends on either the American people being too lazy or uninterested in researching the actual truth. But incredibly, the press has under estimated the average American. They are not stupid, nor lazy, they are simply now hip to the realization that the press has the freedom to lie, misrepresent and mislead. But make no mistake, the powers that be will continue it. It is their bread and butter. If this whole thing goes away, they have nothing to talk about. Because reporting on actual things that actually affect the average American is of no interest to them. You think they would have learned that after loosing 1/2 of their viewership when the summery came out. Now they are spinning the narrative that Barr, for some unknown career suicide attempt, would misrepresent the report. A report, incidentally, Mr. Mueller himself is assisting with on the redactions.

How sad is it that the media and many on the left cannot be happy and relieved that our president is not a foreign agent. How even more sad that the American people cannot depend on many sources to give them the actual facts and just let them make their own decisions. How sad that many of the powers that be have such contempt for them. How sad that the media not insist that this never happen to another president ever again. And just as a footnote, President Trump was always innocent. Our constitution provides for that. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and no one has proven anything to the contrary. And no American citizen should have to prove their innocence. It is not required and should not be demanded by a group of people who just didn’t get their way or have any qualms about denying people they don’t like or approve, of their Liberties and Freedoms.

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