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History Being Made

President Trump just made his second one on one with Kim-Jong-un. Wow! Who would have thought we would see this? Whether an agreement was signed or not, it is certainly history being made. Playing out right in front of our eyes. A year ago we were told we would most certainly go to war, now the two leaders went to dinner. The historical impact should not be lost on anyone. People will poo poo this, downplay it, some may even say it was a colossal failure. But when you think about the significance of what we witnessed, it nothing short of impressive. 65 Years!! Longer than I have been alive. Yes, there have been some horrific things performed at the hands of the Supreme Leader. Not the least of them Otto Warmbier.

The sadness America felt, the anger. But now, there are talks between the two leaders. Some will say, How can Trump talk to this dictator. I say, thank God he is. And he needs to continue talking, so that Otto Warmbier’s death was not in vain, and will be the symbol that in the hopes of these talks, it will prevent future Otto’s. Although he suffered tremendously, his legacy will show that he helped provoked peace talks, and hopefully peace attained.

One another front we have the disastrous thumbs down on the Born Alive bill. Have you asked yourself how this will look in history books? I have. How have we become a society that tolerates the killing of new born infants and cloaks it the phrase “women’s health”? And when, exactly does life actually begin if not after being born? One hour, one week, a month? When exactly is a human being afforded the protections under the constitution? I would ask that question of the already declared presidential candidates. All of them voted no. They want to be president. A president’s first obligation is to protect this country and it’s people. If they don’t respect and value the life of the most vulnerable and innocent, how can I think they will have any greater regard my life? And why do they think they are authorized to pick and choose what life is valuable and which is not.

When 70% of Americans disagree with infanticide, on who’s behalf are they working? Certainly not the majority. The elderly are more than likely terrified. And who ARE these people? They want to get rid of the Electoral College, our planes, cars, domiciles as we know them, our borders, the agents who protect us, our hard earned money, our statues, our free speech and firearms, our history. The list goes on. Basically all that our forefathers structured for us. The liberties and freedoms we take for granted may soon be a part of days gone by. History is certainly being made. Or is it being destroyed. And can we see the forrest from the trees.

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