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Joe Biden's Supply Issue Could Get A Lot Worse

The supply chain issue is becoming worse by the day, and the Biden administration doesn’t seem to know what to do about it. So many things are in short supply, not the least of them, Bidens ability to take action. Some of the solutions are rather common sense, and have been suggested by many, but Joe Biden refuses to implement any of them.

Immediately stop spending, open up our energy sector and start producing to rates of 2020, remove restrictive regulations. These are just a few that could be done right now. Another, would be develop a “warp speed” of his own. So far, the only warp speed Joe Biden has done is shove this country into inflation and recession, in “warp Speed”. No one anticipated he could destroy this many things in this short of time. Even the “experts” underestimated Joe.

The American people are feeling the pain and they are blaming Joe Biden. A once parental aspiration of putting money aside for their Childs college has been replaced with a desperate attempt to get baby formula. Filling up at the gas pump feels like an assault. Groceries have become an exercise in creative substitution. The baby formula shortage is a big smack in the face omen. The fear of the next shortage is creating some panic. When these shortage/supply issues hit the medical side of things, that will be bad. That will be the big bad. It could effect our ability to get medications, such as heart meds, high blood pressure meds, antibiotics. Surgical and post op. Millions of Americans would be directly affected by this. Many of the components used to complete our pharmaceuticals come from China and other countries. Try telling the mother of a sick child that the meds are not available to treat her child. Good luck with that. You think parents went nuts addressing CRT, wait till they can’t get meds for their sick kid. Who will write the “Blame it On…….” Speech ? Jen Psaki got out just in time. Not even her snarky spin could defend that one.

If Joe Biden had any leader instinct and concern for the American people, instead going to some farm in Illinois and blaming Putin, he’d have his sorry butt to the closest baby formula factory, meet with the higher ups and figure out how to fix the problem. Again, what will his reaction be when it starts to impact the availability of daily meds? The new press secretary should be writing her answers now.

How insulting to the American people that Biden is now giving an additional 40 Billion to Ukraine, because, as he says, people are starving because of Putin, but Americans who are having a problem getting formula for their developing infant, or paying through the nose for fuel and groceries, takes a back seat. That is not to say we, as a benevolent America don’t want to help Ukraine and the suffering, we absolutely want to help. But do not ask Americans to sacrifice their own children or their own families, because that is insulting, uncaring, irresponsible and shows a lack of concern and leadership for the people of your country. How shameful that an American president shows more empathy for another countrie’s people over his own.

Say what you will about Donald Trump ,but as a businessman, not a a career politician, he would have not only addressed this problem, but been close to the resolution by now. As well as staving off the next shortage. This is the difference between a man who runs a company and writes and signs a paycheck, and a man who never ran anything but his mouth and signed the back of the paycheck. I’ll take a few mean tweets over food shortages any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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