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Memorial Day and The Reason We Observe

As we prepare for Memorial Day with barbecues, trips to the shore and picnics, hopefully all will take a minute to remember why we do this, and how it started. Originally called Decoration Day, during the Civil War, citizens would put flowers on the graves of those who were killed in battle.

This continued after the Civil War with many cities participating in the observance in May for families of both the Confederate as well as Union soldiers who had perished for their cause.

The commander in Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, John A Logan in 1868, “for the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in

defense of their country during the late rebellion”, promoting a national holiday on May 30.

After WW1, it became an observance honoring all who died in all U.S wars renaming the day Memorial Day, this is part of the reason for laying a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier representing all who gave their lives for this great country.

So as you make all of your preparations, please take a moment to remember why we do this. Tell your kids exactly why we do this. Maybe even ask some of your guests to share a story of someone they know personally who served, and honor them. Lay a wreath, plant a flower, or say a prayer, in memory of all who gave their all.

We are the greatest country in the world, and we do what we do every day of our lives, because of what our men and women in our military do every day of theirs.

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