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My Country ‘Tis Of Thee

It’s hard not to notice all of the Democrat candidates these days. Seems every time you turn on the TV another person is jumping in the race. But have you listened to what they are saying? Many are painting a horrible portrait of the American people. They are telling us we are a Racist, Bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobic, despicable, disgraceful nation. We are told to apologize and be ashamed of the color of our skin. We need a new and improved version of ourselves. And if we take issue with that sort of labeling, well then, we are also morally corrupt. Furthermore, if we do not accept that description of ourselves, and change our behavior, then they will simply do it for us. They chisel our 1st amendment so that we can no longer say what they do not want to hear. They will dispense with the Electoral College and ensure that our voice is never heard ever again at the ballot box. And if that doesn’t work, they will just import new people. Because we are just that hateful of a people, and we cannot be trusted to make decisions that are best for us and our families, they believe they are more qualified. And if they have to remove our freedoms and liberties in order to do that, they will.

I was brought up by a Marine father and a mother who was 1st generation here from Guatemala. Her mother came here through Ellis Island, was quarantined and had to prove she could support herself. I was told this is the greatest country in the world. We are a proud country. We are a benevolent people, we give generously of ourselves and values. We are a nation of hard working, kind, faith-based individuals, who have respect for our country and it’s people. I still believe that. That is not to say there are not a few bad apples, but for the most part, the people of this country are intrinsically good decent human beings.

But still they continue to mock us for our faith, our beliefs, our support of the 2nd amendment, our party affiliation. They are outraged that we do not subscribe to the idea that we are victims. It is traumatic to them that we still believe in ourselves and our own capabilities and take responsibility for our own lives. We reject the idea of being under the thumb of a government. We left that religious and political persecution behind when we broke from England. We have men and women who have served and are still serving, willing to lay down their lives to protect us, our beliefs and freedoms. And we are eternally grateful for that.

So this insulting narrative coming from candidates for the presidency is nothing less than shameful. This country has been very good to them. No matter if they came from the poor side of town, or a single parent home, an affluential family, or a refuge from a war-torn, ravaged foreign country. They have elevated to a position in our esteemed government. So to suggest that this is a disparaging, hateful country, full of racist, bigots and undesirable people is not only offensive and erroneous, it is completely unappreciative of what this country has provided for them. If anyone is misguided, it is those who stand before us and ask that we elevate them to the highest title while at the same time addressing us with such contempt. They should be ashamed of themselves.

We are a strong people. We are intelligent, kind, willful, resourceful, and respectful. We believe in God and in our freedoms and liberties. If you do not share that feeling towards us, you should not ask us for the privilege of being our president. It is our great country, if you do not believe in us, get off the stage. Don’t tell us the government has to manage our healthcare because we are too stupid to know how to do it or what is best for families. Don’t tell us you are going to give us $1000.00 a month just for waking up in the morning. Or Free college or free anything. In doing that you remove all motivation and innovation. You take away our desire for the pursuit of happiness. Our freedom to be the best of who we can be and our liberty to go after it. We do not need to be dependent on our government. Our government has a responsibility to it’s citizens to keep us safe. We can manage our own choices for our lives. We want to keep our freedoms and liberties that are a part of constitutional pursuit.

If you want our vote to the highest level of our country, start telling us how great we are and above all, respect us, our decisions and our individual freedoms and liberties. We are a good and caring people. Stop demoralizing and degrading us and Start believing in us.

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