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Not So Peaceful Transfer Of Power

Since before he even laid his hand on the Bible, Democrats have been scheming to remove President Trump. They have made no honest attempt at all to allow the peaceful transfer of power to happen in this country. Even though Nancy Pelosi on November 9th had said..’ the peaceful transfer of power is the cornerstone of our democracy’. Or Hillary stating “We have free and fair elections and the peaceful transfer of power. Thats the one thing that makes America great and makes America who we are”. HUH! And yet, that did not happen. The Democrats have been plotting for the last three years, to make sure that that did not happen and to remove him. Evidently that peaceful transfer of power is only when the Democrats win. It does not apply to Republicans. Pay attention to word POWER. Because that is what this is all about. Not democracy, not fairness, not the will of the people or being free and fair, POWER. It is all about power. And they will attain it at any cost. Even if it means erasing the vote of 63 Million Americans.

Part of what is so great about this country is the PEOPLE. Remember? Of the people, for the people, by the people? Anyone remember that? Democrats are under the impression that is just a nice cliche. Government, they feel, is strictly for their power. Only power.

What they don’t seem to realize is that Americans like the idea of electing their president. Americans want to elect their president. They don’t want someone doing it for them or telling them that their decision was incorrect or unacceptable and will not be respected or honored. And that is exactly what has been occurring for the last 3 years.

Those who attain power at any cost, will attain it at the expense of the constitution and the people. They will undo the will of the people if they don’t like the result. And they will attempt in every way to make sure the American people never again get the chance to make the “wrong” decision. Removing the electoral collage would certainly achieve that. Which is precisely the reason our forefathers tried to safeguard against it.

Another thing the Democrats don’t seem to understand is that the American people are actually a lot smarter than they think, much to their chagrin. They are insulted when inferred otherwise. And the American people react in a natural normal way. Let’s put it in a way the elites can perhaps understand. If a girl is engaged to a guy that her mother despises, and the mother continually bad mouths and degrades the guy, the normal, natural instinct is for the girl to go closer to him, not further away. The mother thinks her attempts will destroy the relationship, when in fact, it will only serve to solidify it. Look what happens when someone tries to preach to a smoker. Smoking is bad for your heath, you should stop that nasty habit, etc. etc. Watch the smoker, the unconscious action of reaching for a cigarette. The natural, and normal reaction is to protect the very thing someone is attacking. Look how the Kavanaugh debacle blew up in their face. It was the one thing that actually galvanized people in this country. As smart as the elites think they are, you would think they would know a little more about human behavior.

Whether you voted for Donald Trump or not, like him or not, he is the duly elected president of the United States. If the Democrats think that undoing the vote, the voice of the people is a way of getting a positive message to those same people, and expect them to now vote for them, then they just don’t understand human nature. Americans want fairness. They want to make their own choice, they don’t want someone removing that choice from them. And they do not see that coming from the Democrats. I’m curious as to what the campaign slogan for 2020 will be. “IF YOU VOTE THE WAY WE WANT YOU TO, THEN WE PROMISE TO RESPECT YOUR VOTE AND NOT SPEND 3 YEARS TRYING TO UNDO IT”

Free and fair elections are a part of our represented Republic. The American people simply ask that you respect that. Our freedoms are precious to us, and we don’t appreciate elite snobs attempting to remove them from us.

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