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Proud Nation

This week the The Women’s World Cup went to America. What should have been a chance for Americans to celebrate and take pride devolved into yet again, controversy. The proliferation of hatred, oppression and division. Instead of allowing Americans to celebrate this win as a nation, Megan Rapinoe decided to make it about herself. She chose to disrespect this country, the flag and the proud people who live here. To spit in the face of the country that provided her this opportunity. The week was topped off with the Speaker of House, Nancy Pelosi, making an outrageous statement that the President is attempting to make this country “White” again.

Here are some simple truths. No matter how many times you repeat it or attempt to convince people that they are racist or bigoted, you cannot bully them into believing that they are. The people of this great nation are kind and generous. They are sympathetic and accepting. They believe in liberty and freedom for all. They are hard working, many God fearing, people. The average American holds the door open for the person behind them. They assist an elderly person put groceries in a car. They put their change in the many containers at the register. They put money in a box at church. They give a compliment to a stranger. They pick up the tab for a service member or officer in a restaurant or pay the shortage for someone in a grocery store who bought one too many items. They are heros to their family, friends and associates. They stand for the flag and the national anthem and are grateful to those who defend it on a daily basis. And most never ask for anything in return.

The average American acknowledges the sins of the past and take every step to prevent them from happening again. They take pride in the many accomplishments of this great nation and strive every day to improve upon and achieve more. To foster and support people in their endeavors to succeed.

The average American is offended when someone tries to paint them as a racist or a bigot. Primarily because it is just not true. And the proof of that is seen every day. TV programs and commercials show inter racial couples, gays and transgenders. People from all walks of life. The American people twice, not once elected a black man as President. They sit side by side on a bus or at a concert or in church with anyone. They don’t question it, they don’t even think about it.

And so, to the Nancy Pelosi’s, Megan Rapinoe’s, Colin Kaepernick’s and Ilhan Omar’s and the like in this country, we the American people reject your inaccurate assessment of us. No matter how hard you try you will never convince us that we are something we are not or wear that label and the proof of that is seen daily as well. No matter how many times you demonize the police, they still go to work every day. We still have men and women joining the force or signing up to run into burning buildings to save a family or a beloved pet. We still have selfless men and women joining our military. We still have good, decent Americans willing to sacrifice their own lives for our freedoms, our nation, the people of this country and the flag for which it stands. More importantly, for your freedom to disrespect them and spew hatred and attempt division. How lucky are you that you live in a country that affords you those liberties and has so many people that don’t buy into your description of them. You won’t find it anywhere else but here, in this great nation occupied by these great American people.

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