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Questions of Covid19

There are so many questions surrounding Covid19, it’s not surprising people are confused. How did it originate, how did it get out of control, is it fatal, is it curable, how contagious, how do I protect myself, etc etc etc.

The fatality rate seems to fluctuate every time you turn on the tv. Originally I thought the reason for that was because we were concentrated on numbers, and the only accurate number was the death number. So of course the fractions don’t work because there was no accurate denominator, but now apparently the numerator is not accurate either. Seems we are not distinguishing between those who have died with the virus as opposed to those who died from the virus. And there is a distinction. If you drive into a pole and loose a limb and subsequently die, and you also test positive for Covid19 they are listing the death as Covid 19. Well not exactly, you kinda bled out and you died as a result of your accident, you just happened to have Covid 19. So the numbers are a bit skewed.

Another question, have they done any comparisons on flu shots. How many of the people contracted the virus got the flu shot this year? And is that relevant? Also, when speaking of antibodies, does that really make you immune for a time? And if so, why do people who get mild cases of the flu, still get a flu shot every year if they have already had the flu in the past? Would they not have antibodies? Or at least build up an immunity over the years? And since about 40% of people in this country don’t get the flu vaccine, what would prompt them to now get a Covid 19 vaccine? If it turns out that the mortality rate is that of or even less than the flu, why would people who don’t get the flu shot, now get one?

And there is question regarding going back to work and reviving our not so long ago robust economy. Although the scare of this Virus was enough to bring people to Jesus, (which is actually one of the positives that came from this), many people identify with their job. It is a sense of self, a sense of purpose, a sense of accomplishment and pride. You cannot underestimate the physiological benefits, ask any physician, the human psyche is imperative to positive navigation through life. There are those who will say you either care about the medical health of this country or the financial health. I say we need to care about both. One without the other will cause unhealthiness in the other. And the risk not to care about both is much more dangerous. We as Americans, as human beings accept risks. We know as soon as we place our feet on the floor in the morning, we are accepting the risks that life has to offer. That is not to say we should be reckless, but it also means we should not be fearful.

The longer this country is shut down, the more we atrophy. As a country, as a nation, as a people as individuals. It is also too tempting to leaders not to take advantage of that and attempt to impose laws that will infringe on our freedoms and liberties. And also remove many.

So when you place your head on the pillow tonight, with all the questions swirling around, the biggest question is this…. How grateful am I that I live in the greatest nation in the world, how much do my liberties mean to me, and how much longer am I willing to let the powers that be deny them to me. Remember, it is, Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. They all seem to be trampled on right now.

We are a loving and caring nation. We have sacrificed ourselves and our livelihoods for our fellow Americans. Some do not have a job to go back to. We have endured, and been creative. We have protected the most vulnerable among us. I fear that if this shut down of our country continues, we will all be the vulnerable, and who will protect us? It is time for us to extend the responsibility toward everyone. Don’t let anyone tell you that because you care about yourself, your family and your livelihood, that you are selfish and uncaring, or even the more dramatic guilt trip, that you are willing to let people die. There is nothing selfish about caring for ourselves, it is actually our individual responsibility. That is not selfish, that is survival. We will survive, we are a great country, with great citizens. We have so much more to give to world.

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