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Silly Reindeer Games

Can we please stop playing these silly reindeer games?

Can we just stop pretending that Rachel Levin is a woman admiral, Lia Thomas is a female swimmer. AOC is an economist, Joe Biden has all his wits about him. Global leaders care about the country of Ukraine or sovereign borders or care about the suffering of citizens in their respective countries, including the United States, who can’t afford to put fuel in their cars, food on their table or lead any semblance of a comfortable lifestyle? Can we Pleeeeaaasssse! Why are we pretending? Why are we going along with this ridiculous fairy tale?

Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked to define a woman. Her answer was, she is not a biologist. You don’t need to be a biologist to know that putting on a wig and lipstick doesn’t make you a woman any more than plugging in an extension cord makes you an electrician. If you put antlers on your dog, it’s still a Dog. Most 3rd graders know what little boys are and what little girls are. And since when did the progressives decide biology is a determination? They have been denying biology all this time by insisting we go along with idiocy. And NOW biology is a factor? Seriously?

Jason Whitlock reminded us of the great quote from Voltaire. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Think about that statement for a moment. Just let it sink in and marinate. This is what the elites and progressives demand from us. We all know this stuff is not just a distortion of the truth, but an out-and-out idiotic lie. Birthing People? Whaaaat? And yet, we have become conditioned not to speak up, not to challenge it, out of fear of retribution. Fear of being doxxed, ostracized, bullied, labeled, and most importantly, lose our jobs and subsequently our means of supporting ourselves, which actually translates into our liberty and freedom. So we continue to allow them to insult our intelligence and defy and deny all that we know is the truth and actual facts.

Where are all the women libbers? Where are all those people, women as well as men, who fought valiantly for the last 40 years for woman’s equality? The progressives are always lecturing us about “Equality”, but where is the equality for women now? Helen Reddy must be doing somersaults in her grave. Give it time, this idiocy will hit gymnastics soon too. We as a society have just ignored it all. Why have any of the laws in place that protect women? If we are told that there is no distinction, then there is no reason for any of these laws and no means of enforcement?

It is well past the time for women to refuse to acknowledge their own biology, and the men who love them, to stand up and say NO!, we’re not going along with garbage pale of lies anymore. The fantasy identity game or nonidentity is done. No one is playing along anymore. We recognize it for what it is. A way to control our thoughts and behavior. We will no longer cheat ourselves out of an honest life and we will not allow you to remove it from us either.

Freedom is not buying the Snake Oil

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