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The Art Of The White House

Well love him or hate him, you can’t argue Donald J Trump has been good for the economy. During the 2016 election campaign, many were concerned that if elected he would turn DC on its head. He would be like a bull in a china shop, knocking over tables, breaking the crystal, and upend all that has been status quo for decades. He would expose them, both Dems and Repubs for who they are. And that’s exactly what he has done. And also exactly why he was elected.

He brought his successful private business skills into the White House. Because let’s face it, all government is, is Big Business. It’s about money, power and control.

Since taking office, there have been more people making money off Trump than any other industry could provide. Throwing Donald Trump under the bus has become a profitable business. He is his own industry. The media made a ton of money. Nightly bashing of the 45th has replaced any semblance of actual news reporting. Between slamming him during the election, to graduating into mocking and labeling, to almost immediately to a 2 year Russia lie and 90 some % of just hate Trump reporting. To say nothing of the constant denigrating of 1/2 the population or anyone who dares to support him or be associated with him and calling them all sorts of derogatory names. But, that sells to the radical left. They feasted on it for over 2 years. Cable companies hired people like James Clapper and John Brennan, (who actually have no idea what’s going on), but that doesn’t matter, no one cares! They know that people think they know what they’re talking about, and they profit from their previous positions. He resurrected actors and comedians careers and boosted the ratings of countless shows that were hanging by a thread. It’s a money maker.

Then you have the books.! There have been more books written and sold about the 45th president in 2 years than any other president. Seems everyone and their brother has a book out. So the writers made money, the publishers made money, the companies that transport the books, the coffee shops and book stores that had book signings, the list goes on for that trickle down money maker. And how about the retail sales!! MAGA hats, shirts, shoes, Pro Trump mugs, bumper stickers, pens, kids clothes, even Pet Clothes. Etc. Etc. Same for the reverse slogans. The resist and Trump haters. Again, money makers. All this, simply because he is the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Then there are all the policies, reforms and changes he has enacted that have infused the country with money. His business savvy and understanding has promoted enthusiasm in the business community both small and large by removing restrictive regulations, encouraging a place for new businesses and the like. Job creation is at all time high. Consumer confidence is also at an all time high and money is being spent in our economy. The stock market took off, wages are going up at a greater rate than expected, especially the middle class, 401K’s that had taken such a hit in the last 5 years are up and finally growing. Unemployment is the lowest in years. Black, Hispanic and Asian unemployment the lowest since the Age of Aquarius. Yep, that year, 1972. Job growth is up to the point of where we actually have more jobs than people to fill them. People are coming back into the work force. You see help wanted signs everywhere. Five years ago you saw a lot more hoopties on the road. Look around the highways now, you see more new cars because people feel more confident to take on a 4 year car payment instead fixing the old one they had and hoping it goes another year or two. That to me is one of the first signs of prosperity, when people replace their old cars.

His tax plan was nothing short of brilliant when it comes to our country’s coffers. The US officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Isreal, and moved the embassy, ISIS is virtually gone, The UN is finally going to pony up and he is building up our military. Just to name a few of his accomplishments.

So as you can see, many people are capitalizing and profiting from the Trump phenomenon. Maybe he knew that. Maybe he decided to take the hit on that because he knew it would happen. And maybe, just maybe he loves this country that has been so good to him and his family and wanted to try to implement policies to help others prosper and reach the American Dream. As I said, like him, love him or hate him, make no mistake, Donald J Trump has generated an influx of money and revenue for a lot of people in this country and has been good for this economy. And that is true capitalism. That, ladies and gentlemen, is…..

The Art Of The White House

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