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Wait,…. What????

If you never followed politics before in your life, and decided this past week to get interested and involved, here is what would come up for you in your current research. The country, under President Trump is in an economic boom. This is what has occurred; 266 thousand jobs were created, USMCA is moving forward, NDAA, the defense bill includes wall funding, Space Force was created, Paid Family leave, pending spending bill which will fund the government to September 2020 avoiding a government shutdown, Anti Semitic executive order, phase one of the China deal, the senate approved 50th federal appeals judge. You would think, wow, this guy must be in his 2nd term and has done a lot in 7 years. Nope, that was done in 7 days. Oh yeah, and there was also one other thing, the House of Representatives are voting on Impeachment. Wait, What?? This guy did all that in one week and you want to impeach him???? Are you nuts??

This lunacy would explain why 31 Democrats in swing districts are having a hell of time trying to sell impeachment to their constituents who are clearly against it. There is a solid consumer base which was demonstrated on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the lowest unemployment in 50 years, the jobs market is on fire and yet, you see Democrats on TV and at town halls trying to explain to the American people that their last vote was wrong and must be reversed, and they have to remove this president so that the average American doesn’t make the same stupid mistake again and re elect him. Apparently the only people tired of winning are the Democrats, and they have to take safe guards to make sure President Trump doesn’t have any more wins. It’s really starting to make them look bad since they haven’t done anything except concentrate on impeachment. Which is turning out not to be a winning strategy.

Not only do they not have the support of half the country, none of the Republicans, they don’t even have the full support of their own party. To further kick them in the teeth they have a New Jersey Representative not only voting no, but switching parties and becoming a Republican. But that doesn’t deter their tenacity from pushing forward. You would think all the democrats in DC live in the basement with Adam Schiff and have not seen sunlight.

Many people are outraged at this behavior, and rightly so. The Democrats said the president was guilty of criminal acts and was himself a criminal. And yet, they wright up articles of impeachment that do not include any criminal statutes. No bribery, no treason, no high crimes or misdemeanors, no even low crimes, their articles are devoid of any crime. They have decided that they are going to impeach him because they just don’t like him and he’s a big old meanie. If you are going to impeach a president it might be a good idea to get at least 2/3 of backing from the American people let alone not even being able to convince some of your own party.

Yes, elections have consequences, the Democrats just don’t seem to like them. They also don’t respect them. One of the greatest things we have as Americans, is the freedom to vote for a president. It appears the Democrats don’t want the people and the states to have that freedom. They want to subvert the will of the people, and if allowed, they will continue in the future to undo anything the American people decide on. Americans should pay attention. The Democrats have tipped their hand and if allowed, they will forever feel they have the right to remove your freedoms and liberties. They have demonstrated that they will trample on the American people and grab power through any means necessary. The ruling class has spoken.

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